Is the daily masturbation an improving factor of your sex appeal?

We open this issue with a hot hypothesis (entitling the current paper) proposed during a common Monday lunch time by Facqueur to the Open Research Group on Applied Sexually Methodologies (ORGASM). It was enough polemical to talk about that during all the lunches of the week. For some, the masturbation is perceived as a sexual activity that relaxes and makes you a better candidate for chasing sex, but for some others it is perceived as a loser’s practice impeding you to score 
Two teams were fairly established at the beginning of the discussion, so the reader can fit in one team or the other because at the first impression there are not grays in here, it is absolutely polarized on black or white. One team, commanded by Ivette Creizie-Pussie, is defending that daily masturbation improves your sex appeal exposing two main arguments: it relaxes the hunter on chasing targets and it switch on the sexual activity. The other team, commanded by Jean-Cristian Facqueur, is defending that avoiding the daily masturbation improves the sex appeal exposing two main arguments: it generates the need to be a smarter hunter and it retains more hormonal stuff to deliver.  
The preliminary results open the door to confirm the qualitative discussion with a further quantitative analysis, where a bigger sample than ORGASM Research Group would give some representative correlation between the number of days without having masturbations and the number of success on sex matching.  

In this initial level of the research, we organized a brain storm at the Civic Center of Autonomous University of Barcelona. By the initial hypothesis of “Is the daily masturbation an improving factor of the sex appeal?”, we aimed to expose our personal feelings about this question, under the frame of the speakers’ life experience, so the sample of the study are the members of ORGASM Research Group, 8 males and 4 females. Qualitative methodology was invoked, because any of the presents had quantified data to give. On further sessions it is expected to stablish quantitative methodology where statistical correlations between the frequency of masturbation and the success on sexual relationships give us some light on the matter, but for the moment we open the Pandora’s case just with our personal experience. So on, the sentences of this paper are only subjective sensations that speakers state and the reader can judge them under its criteria without agree nor believe them blindly, because those are not (still) scientifically demonstrated. 
The structure of this paper is simply the exposition of the discussion, synthetized in two story lines that aim to validate or not the central hypothesis. Arguments under the name of Ivette Craizie-Pussie are defending a positive correlation between the daily masturbation and the success on sex matters, while arguments under the name of Jean-Cristian Facqueur defend that there is a negative correlation between the daily masturbation and the success on sex matters.
Most of the presents support the vehement reasons of Ivette Creizie-Pussie, clustering around the central idea that the daily masturbation makes you feel easier, more moderate and less tense when the situation of be capable to have sex is close. Growing from this scenario, Creizie-Pussie exposes that a person who masturbates daily is in general more confident and the person who is in front of him/her perceives that is in front of a great playmaker. The author notes that this is the point of view of a female taking account the role of a male, that is, she assumes that an improved sex appeal for a male is achieved when he is not showing that he wants to have sex (or at least he doesn’t need it right now). Moreover, Craizie-Pussie exposes the example of clerical personnel, who is supposed to not masturbate and they have not an improved sex appeal.
Facqueur opposites to this last example that some teenagers (as him 20 years ago) do masturbate daily or more and they do not have a pull factor, furthermore he felt a push factor. In fact, as the author learned to control his masturbation impulses, he improved his sexual pull factor. He attributes this improvement to the blowing of sexual hormonal content on his body, which makes him realize to have a big award to give when the goal is done. Most of the presents refute to Facqueur that this is obviously a double edge sword, because there is the risk of piss off on the first minute and go down with everything. Facqueur accepts that maybe it is useful a weekly masturbation to reduce the pressure, but the mental tool of controlling the masturbation impulse is the same mental tool to control the ejaculation impulse and it makes you a better fucker. And more, he is sure to emit a bigger amount of testosterone and the female perceives a great award to win.  
Against that, Craizie-Pussy asserts that a man who seems to be out of the business of chasing a girl is more desirable for the female, she wants to get that piece of meat: she is who choose, she is who wants, and she choose what she doesn’t have yet. When a man is well masturbated is no needed to be in that business, so he can pretend to be out of chasing for a while and become desirable. In addition a man well masturbated maintains the sexual activity and this is perceived by the female, who usually aims to get off with a solvent fucker.     

It is no clear for the moment if masturbation is a pull or a push factor for your sex appeal. For some -especially for girls-, the experience tells that it is a good deal because the male is chilled out and females don’t like those anxious. Apart of the behavior, the sex appeal of the male is improved by the release of sexual activity. Further studies my incorporate quantitative data to support the subjective sensations exposed here, joining both female and male masturbation and female and male success in sexual relationships. Field campaigns can be so useful to calibrate our datasets and test some extreme scenarios.     

To the Fucking Applications for Engagement Research Center (FAERC). To all the readers of Criteri. 
Authors: Jean-Cristian Facqueur, Ivette Creizie-Pussie, Quentin Abelino, Roger Bermudas, Will Close Toyou, Ingrid Icsmentsonn, Carl Desmay, Danny Scripts, Ed Bravedick, Oscar Porn, Sandra Ratafias and Cristina Sunday. (Open Research Group on Applied Sexually Methodologies (ORGASM)). 
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